Tuesday, 8 March 2011

gadisku , permata hatiku

our ustaz told us many stories.
n showed us many things.
ad video clip org kne sebat kt pnjara,
ad tunjuk tali gantung.
mmg seram.

mmg byk la.
he talked bout maruah prmpuan n stuff.
n then ad kjian from saintis jepun bout air.
how d molecules in d water form when we say positive things.
beautiful, honest!

yg psl maruah tu, he talked bout how guys pancing gurls.
u can say he told us bout techniques laki gne on girls.
ish, teruk btol laki ni...

then he showed us d process of abortion.
they treat babies like vermins.
then he showed us how hard it was for mothers giving birth to us.
he showed us HOW they were in labour with all d blood n sharp tools...
it creeps me out so i didnt watch.
i mean, wud u??

neway, im not gonna reveal everything coz its only for girls.
the only thing i can say is think positive, respect ur parents, teachers and ur elderly, coz if u dont...
well..juz respect them.end of story.

i guess dats pretty much it.
im tired oredi.
n i juz rmemberd i hve tons of hw waiting for me.urgh.
so, au revoir!

*ingatlah setiap perbuatan kita akan diadili dengan seksama di akhirat kelak !

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