Thursday, 24 March 2011


what would you say if i say that i'm really seriously with you.
Oppss , terlebih sudah . . hee
please don't answer it because i know what you will think at your mind.
I'm sure that you will say what a crazy this guy.
Are him the perfect person to me !
that the answer i think will come out from your mind . .
But,we can't judge the book from their cover . .
Guys always search the gurl which they thing that matching to them . .

But ,it is like a tradisi becouse when we know that we just hoping for something
that we will not get it .

Aiya ! what a stupid of me . .ahhha
Insyaallah in a future i will get someone like her that can be the right person to me becouse of her
i have been changed. .

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